Earrings hein ek esa piece of jewelry jo pehena jata hein on ear. Earrings, ear ke sath attach kiya ja sakta hein via a piercing in the earlobe. Yeh Earrings Variants hota hein bohot different tarike ki. Also, yeh attach kiya ja sakta hein to other external part of the ear. Fashion accessory, earrings hein sabse essential jewelry women wardrobe piece and accessory for most women. Yaha hein woh sare Earrings Variants jo hein bilkul trendy.


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One of the Earrings Variants, namely, statement earrings ko define kiya jata hein as earrings jo invite karta hein attention from others. Also, yeh earring variant demonstrate karta hein bold, original, and unique designs. Yeh earrings variant mein hota hein kafi innovative construction and material combinations.

Stud/minimal Earrings:


Yeh earrings features karta hein ek gemstone ya koi aur ornament mounted on a narrow post. Also, yeh earring pass karta hein through a piercing in the ear or earlobe. And also, yeh place pein hold kiya jata hein by a fixture on the other side.

Hoop Earrings:

Large 7cm Silver Hoop

Yeh Earrings, hoop earrings pehte hein bohot log throughout the world today. And also, yeh hein ek bohot hi old fashiom jo hein aj bhi trend mein.Yeh earrings variant symbolize karta hein strength and international fashion. Yeh hota hein circle shape ka. Yeh hoop earthings variant show karta hein unity, infinity, and wholeness.


Akoya Pearl Dangle

One of the Earrings Variants, namely, dangle earrings jo swing karta hein to and fro or from side to side. Dangle earrings typically hang karta hein below the earlobe, aur karta hein move. Iss earrings variant ka hanger ka length vary karta hein from brand to brand. Kuch earring hota hein short jabki kuch hote hein long which can also brush the shoulders.


BodyJ4You 6PCS Industrial Barbell Earrings

Yeh Earring style piercing jewelry mein hota hein ek straight bar jiske sath hota hein ek bead on each end. Also, one or both beads hota hein unscrewable for removal and/or changing of the beads. Although, unme se ek bead hota hein fixed, either via epoxy or welding. Also because, taki ek bead use kiya ja sakta hein to install or remove the jewelry.

Huggies Earrings:

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Yeh heine ek esa style jisme hota hein ek little hoop earrings that hug the earlobe. Yeh earrings variant sits close to your earlobe. Yeh earrings variant hota hein thicker than the standard hoop. And also, yeh earrings mein hota hein lever back, i.e, earrings ka curved back clicks into place.

Ear thread:

14KT White Gold Diamond Bar Threader Earrings | Jewelry, Prom jewelry, Ruby  earrings studs

One of the Earrings Variants, ear thread, consist karta hein ek chain se, jo hota hein itna thin which is enough to slip into the ear hole. And also, yeh hein come back out, dangles. Also, sometimes, isme add kiya jata hein beads or other materials. Althougjh, yehchain karta hein dangle with beads below the ear.



Yeh Earrings Variant, chandeliers hein dangle earrings ka ek variant. Also, yeh earrings variant hangs below the ears. Although, iske shape extend karta hein until it resembles a chandelier. Yeh earrings hota hein different segments mein jo ata hein combined as a piece. Chandelier earrings hote hein luxurious aur elegant than other styles.

Tear Drop:

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Yeh tear drop earrings hote hein ek classic style of earrings. Althogh, yeh hein dangle earrings ke kafi similar. Drop earrings hang karta hein low down from the earlobe. Tear drop earrings ko present kiya jata as smart and more than elegant stud earrings ke comparison mein.

Ear Cuffs:

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Yeh Earrings Variant, namely, ear cuffs hein kafi exotic aur specialized types of earrings. Yeh earring hugs the ear aur follow karta hein the curve all the way to the top. 


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Iss Earrings Variant mein hota hein typically two connection points. Ek hota hein at the earlobe aur dusra hota hein on the upper portion of the ear. Although, yeh do points hote hein connected via a chain. Although, sometimes, chain hota hein kafi long to make the connection. Also, other chains may hang down. Although, sometimes, ho sakta hein multiple chains.


Porter Cluster Studs | Jewelry, Fashion jewelry, Bridal earrings

Yeh Earrings Variant hota hein kafi decorative. Also, yeh earrings comprise karta hein of several different gemstones or beads. Also, gemstonmes or beads ko use kiya jata hein in a cluster. Yeh ho sakta hein in the form of a stud ya fir ho sakta hein dangle down from the earlobe.


Earrings hein ek esa piece of jewelry jo pehena jata hein on ear. Yaha hein woh sare Earrings Variants jo hein bilkul trendy.

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