Indian food ek beautiful mixture hai culture and diversity ka. Jab aap Indian food ke baare me sochte hai to aapko yaha ke rich flavours and delicious food ki yaad aati hai. Also, yaha ka delightful sweet jiska koi comparison nahi hai. But there are some weird food items jo India ke kuch part me khaya jata hai.

Ye food items aapko surprise kar denge because these weird dishes are far from the regular types of Indian cuisine. Ye dishes weird hone ke baad bhi try karna banta hai. Have a look at some of the vegetarian bizarre food from India:

Bhang Pakore

Bhang Pakore bahut popular vegetarian bizzare dish hai. Apart from Bhang Thandai log Bhang Pakore bhi prefer karte hai. Both thandai and Pakore ko festival ke time banaya jata hai.

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If you want to try Bhang Pakore to aapko Varanasi jana parega. Bhang Pakore cannabis leaves or bhang se banaya jata hai. Particularly isse Shivratri and Holi me banaya jata hai. Bhang adds on to the festive mood.

Onion Ka Halwa

Yes apne sahi padha ‘Onion Ka Halwa’!!!. Not only halwa but also India me log pyaz ki kheer banate hai. Pyaz ka halwa, pyaz ko fry kar ke banaya jaata hai.

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Firstly onions ko butter me fry karte hai. Then cooking it on slow heat with sugar and milk. Also isse dry fruits ke saath garnish karte hai. Ye sunne me weird lagta hai but it has a heavenly taste.

Ole Chutney

Ole or Suran chutney Bihar ki popular side dish hai. Ye mustard flavour chutney Bihari cuisine ko bahut special banata hai. Ole bahut healthy hota hai. Also ye protein, minerals and antioxidants se rich hota hai.

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Suran chutney banane ke liye suran ko boil kar ke mash karte hai. Then it is infused with oil, spices and lemon. Also it is served with parantha. Ye dish jitna simple hai utna hi healthy and tasty hota hai.

Haldi Ka Halwa

Haldi ek bahut achhi medicine hai. Halwa winters me khaya jata hai particularly around Makar Sakranti. Ye halwa raw haldi se banaya jata hai. This delicious halwa made from turmeric bus supposed to fight cold. Also haldi immunity strengthen karti hai.


Khorisa ethnic fermented bamboo shoot product hai. Ye popular Assamese dish hai. It is made from young edible bamboo shoots. Khorisa banane ke liye bamboo shoot ko grate karte hai. Then isse ferment karte hai. Inn bamboo shoot ko raw as well as pickled form me kha sakte hai. Also, it is mainly served with fish but isse ese bhi khaya jaa sakta hai.

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Black Rice

Ye ek different variety of rice hai. Inn rice ka colour black hota hai. It is also known as ‘Magic Rice‘. Ancient China me inn rice ko ‘forbidden rice‘ bola jata tha because ye rice upper class ke logo ke liye hota tha.

Black rice ko Manipur, Kerela and North Bengal me khaya jata hai. These rice are full of health benefits. Black Rice are best enjoyed with coconut milk. Also in Nagaland inn rice se pudding banaya jata hai known as Nap Naang. Nap Naang lip-smacking dish hai.

Benami Kheer

Kya aap esi kheer ke baare me jaante hai jiska main ingredient garlic hota hai. Benami Kheer garlic or lehsun se banaya jata hai. Ye bahut hi popular and amazingly satisfying dish hai.

Benami Kheer banane ke liye garlic ko thin strip me slice kiya jata hai. Then isse 3 baar boil karte hai with a pinch of food grade saltpetre. After boiling isse khoya me cook karte hai with pinch of green cardamom. Trust me, Benami Kheer is pure delight.

Although ye dishes sunne me weird lage, khane me ye utne hi tasty hota hai. Hence inn food items ko zaroor try kare.

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